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Providing an immense range of tax services to residents of Fort Myers, Florida and the surrounding 50-mile areas, Heritage Tax & Consulting Services, LLC takes pride in tailoring unique financial solutions to all of our clients’ individual needs. We speciali

ze in tax preparation, payroll, bookkeeping and more for individual and commercial customers alike.

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Highly Experienced Tax Consultants in Fort Myers, FL

Facing your finances can be difficult, even for those people and businesses that are sound in their own financial management. Tax laws pander to a variety of different areas of life—from the income taxes that we file every year, to the estate taxes that must be paid when we pass on. And, when it comes to knowing and understanding the various tax laws and applications, no other firm of tax consultants in Fort Myers, FL has the experience and pedigree of Heritage Tax & Consulting Services, LLC. As your experts on tax and taxation, we make it a point to provide a wide


breadth of services that alleviate your financial concerns and cater to your peace of mind, whether you’re filing private income tax or are worried about payroll services in Fort Myers, FL for your growing business.

As a comprehensive tax firm, Heritage Tax & Consulting Services, LLC handles an extensive number of cases, with varying degrees of focus in the world of finances. From financial planning and bookkeeping for businesses, to tax prep and audit representation for individual customers, we do it all to the highest standards in the industry. We’re also your local experts for Quickbooks and Quickbooks training, to ensure that your business has an easily navigable way to record and access financial statements. Take a look at just a few more reasons we’re so highly regarded by all of our clients:

  • We staff only qualified accountants with a high degree of professional experience.
  • We offer consultation services by appointment, to dedicate our full attention to you and your financial situation.
  • We serve both private individual customers and commercial businesses alike.
  • We offer notary services for your convenience.
  • Our tax experts are happy to assist you in the event of an IRS audit.

The Full Gamut of Tax Services

Confused by your complicated financial situation? Need help in navigating the ins and outs of a specific tax law? Heritage Tax & Consulting Services, LLC is here to help!

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